E·P·O Carbon-Schuheinlage

E·P·O [extra power orthosis] is an efficiency-increasing, shoe-independent and customizable carbon insole.

Your body weight is stored as tension energy by the insole when stepping and rolling and is released to the ground again when pushing off. Independent of ground contact time and stride frequency!

Whether sprint, marathon, jump or team sports: E·P·O gives you back what belongs to you: energy!

A patented quality product from

Wexelpunkt | Therapiezentrum

How the E·P·O energy dispenser works

Sturdy but highly flexible carbon guarantees a long service life without becoming brittle over time.
A well thought-out product, available in two foot geometries, three degrees of hardness and all common shoe sizes.
E·P·O gives ENERGY back. This video visualizes how it works during a jump.

Customizable and independent of the shoe

The E-P-O carbon insole is shoe-independent and customizable. Currently we offer 2 different geometries (Sub 2, Sub 9.5), 3 different degrees of hardness and in all common shoe sizes.

E·P·O Sub 2 is ideal for the long distance (marathon), E·P·O Sub 9.5 stands for acceleration and speed! World records will fall.

Choose an insole for you and your sport

Whether sprinting, marathon, jumping or team sports, the E·P·O insole gives you back what belongs to you: ENERGY!

Launch date: Mid 2023!
But you would like to receive information in advance or even become a product tester? Then register directly: info@wexelpunkt-epo.de